2019 Springfield, MO. Chess Club Scholastic Open

Adam Whitaker

The Southwest Missouri Scholastic Chess League, organized by the Springfield, MO. Chess Club, will resume tournaments this semester.

Prior to the shutdown, the Ozark Public Schools Chess Club won the traveling trophy. Fair Grove’s team had previously won numerous times and will look to regain the title as Ozark hopes to repeat as champs. Schools like Weller, York, and Phelps will also be participating as they look to grab the trophy for the first time.

K-12 players participating in the SMS Chess League represent their school’s chess club. Homeschooled kids and those whose schools don’t have a chess club may play for the Springfield, MO. Chess Club’s scholastic team. To qualify for the team, players must be active members of the club, which is defined as participating in at least 3 club events or regular Friday meetings per semester. Playing in the league tournaments will not count toward this total. If this is not accomplished by the end of the semester, their scores will be removed from the team’s league score and the next player’s score will be used.

Players who are not playing for a school club or the SMCC’s scholastic team are still welcome to join the tournaments and can play in the US Chess Federation rated section for the individual champion title.

Players of all skill levels are welcome to join the tournaments and participation is free. Tournaments have an upper (USCF rated) and lower (unrated) section. If a player wins the unrated section they must move up to the rated section at following tournaments.

Players from either section, USCF rated or unrated, can contribute to the team’s score at each event. The top four scores from each team will make up the team’s score for each tournament. The fifth top score will also be noted and used as a tie break if two or more teams are tied at the end of the season.

Players in the USCF rated section will also compete for the league’s individual championship. Players’ scores from all three tournaments will be added up to see who wins. Their name will be added to the Springfield, MO. Chess Club’s scholastics plaque.

Games in both sections will be 10 minutes for both sides (G/10;d0) and we will try to play five rounds in each tournament if time allows. Playing five rounds in the USCF rated section is the priority. If you would like to enter your school’s chess club in the league, or if you have an individual who wants to get involved, please email me at adamgrantwhitaker@gmail.com. If you would like to make a donation to help cover the cost of trophies, medals, and USCF memberships I will happily accept them.

Past Winners
Clark’s Kids – Fall 2017
Clark’s Kids – Spring 2018
Clark’s Kids – Fall 2018
Fair Grove – Spring 2019
Fair Grove – Fall 2019
Ozark – Spring 2020


Check back here prior to tournaments in case any changes have to be made.

  1. The Springfield, Missouri Chess Club Scholastic Open – September 30 at 5:00 PM. South Side Senior Center in Springfield, MO.
  2. The Seirawan Scholastic Open – October 21 at 5:00. Fair Grove Public School cafeteria, Middle School entrance.
  3. The Marshall Scholastic Open – November 18 at 5:00. Ozark Middle School cafeteria.

PLAY A GRANDMASTER – Scholastic league players are invited to play against Grandmaster Alejandro Ramirez in the simultaneous exhibition he will put on as part of the Missouri State Championship at Missouri State University. League players may play the GM for free and spots are only limited by what the room allows. CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFO.

RESULTS (scroll down for league standings)

Springfield, Missouri Chess Club Scholastic Open – South Side Senior Center – September 30, 2021 at 5:00

Team Results

1. Ozark Public Schools – 14.0

Jesse Toliver 4.0
Finley Pollard 3.5
Miles Tuttle 3.5
Callum Johnson 3.0
Tiebreak – Benjamin Horton 3.0

2. Phelps – 11.5

Sam Fillingham 3.0
Lincoln Swain 3.0
Caleb Harshman 3.0
Scott Dillabough 2.5
Tiebreak – Lucas McTague 2.0

3. Springfield Chess Club – 12.0

Alex Dudenhoeffer 5.0
Daniel McSweeney 4.0
Garrett Cameron 3.0

3. Golden City – 9.0

Nathan Weiser 4.0
Quentin Taylor 3.0
Anna Fizette 2.0

5. Fair Grove – 0

Individual Winner – Alex Dudenhoeffer

The Seirawan Scholastic OpenFair Grove School CafeteriaOctober 21 at 5:00 PM

Team Results

1. Ozark Schools 15.5

Avery Bland 4.0
Jesse Toliver 4.0
Steven Kissinger 4.0
Callum Johnson 3.5
Tiebreak – Finley Pollard 3.0

2. Golden City Schools 13.5

Quentin Taylor 4.0
Gabe Fizette 3.5
Nathan Weiser 3.0
Ethan Pettengili 3.0
Tiebreak – Anna Fizette 2.0

3. Monett Schools 12.0

Pablo Amador 4.0
Aiden Cavnad 3.0
Victor Amador 2.5
Jose Gomez 2.5
Tiebreak – Donavynn Isley 2.0

4. Fair Grove Schools 10.0

Seth Farrar 3.0
Aidyn Owings 2.5
Preston Hicks 2.5
Seifer Hubbard 2.0
Tiebreak Elliott Roberts 2.0

5. Springfield, MO. Chess Club

AJ Dudenhoeffer 5.0
Reagan Dudenhoeffer 3.0


  1. Ozark Public Schools – 29.5
  2. Golden City Schools – 22.5
  3. Springfield, MO. Chess Club – 20.0
  4. Monett Schools – 12.0
  5. Phelps – 11.5
  6. Fair Grove Public Schools – 10.0